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​Dr. Beverly A. (Sissy) Jimenez​


Dr. Bevery Ann Jimenez, also known as "Dr.Sissy," has been a pediatric dentist in the Annapolis area for more than 15 years. Dr. Sissy recently opened the doors to her own practice, Annapolis Pediatric Dentistry; a fun, colorful, and inspiring place for kids to receive dental care. Her philosophy is to make dentistry easy and comfortable, not "scary." She takes a conservative approach, emphasizing prevention, diet and, healthy habits from an early age. 

A graduate of the University of Maryland Dental School, Dr. Sissy completed her specialty training and residency at Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.  

​Dr. Sissy has also been involved in volunteer dental missions, providing oral health to underserved children in various countries throughout the world. A mother of four, Dr. Sissy enjoys being happy, healthy, and creative. 


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