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Dental Missions

Dr. Sissy has been serving on dental missions since she graduated dental school in 1990.  By partnering with communities in need and globally-minded volunteers, she is able to provide basic dental care to those who would otherwise not receive any dental attention at all.  Dr. Sissy believes that every child deserves good health including basic dental care, and that a healthy child has a healthy mouth. Dr. Sissy feels committed to giving back through her professional skills as well as educating communities on the importance of oral hygiene. 


Dr. Sissy also believes in the power of creativity and connectedness. To help fund her trips, she sells artwork, books, and crafts from local artists and from the countries she visits. All of the proceeds go toward paying for dental supplies and equipment.


Check out the pictures below of Dr. Sissy's missions... Lots of big, healthy smiles around the world!

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